The ability to understand in-depth analysis of a subject or event, and its impact on the world around us, is an important skill for any student with a focus on research. This is particularly true in the field of Political Science.


At the Nuffield Politics Research Centre, we aim to specialise in questions of accountability and representation; including the ways in which mass publics respond to policy outcomes and other political developments.  Our mission is to better communicate political science research. To support this goal, we have launched the first in a four-part series of systematic reviews, which aim to answer important questions of the day.


We hope that teachers and particularly students in social sciences will find this method of review, coupled with reporting the findings in a comprehensive and people focused format, both informative, and valuable to their own research work.



Review 1              People are becoming poorer – does this mean there is more public demand for redistribution?



Future reviews will touch on subjects such as the impact of political parties on attitudes to immigrationmedia effects on voting in elections, and leader popularity and election outcomes. For more information visit the Nuffield Politics Research Centre.