The PSA Teaching and Learning Network is coordinating an external examiner database for PSA Members to use. This is an open database for academics/departments across the UK to contribute data towards, but only PSA Members may request a copy. 

New PSA External Examiners Database

External Examiners play a key role in supporting courses, maintaining standards comparable to those at other universities and feeding into the enhancement cycle through their advice as critical friends. They can also provide experience and advice in dealing with difficult issues that arise in helping to ensure that outcomes for students are fair and equitable.

We are aware that some courses find it hard to recruit externals and that some colleagues, who would like to be externals do not get these opportunities. The PSA External Examiner database is designed to support both, help us move beyond our existing list of contacts, and facilitate greater diversity in the appointment of external.

As a first step, we are opening the Database for PSA members so you can register your details, and we will launch this for departments seeking to appoint external examiners later in the year.

You can contribute data to our External Examiner Database by completing this short form. 

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How do we use this data?

The PSA Teaching and Learning Network's External Examiner Database is a members only resource. The data we collect is held by the PSA office until an individual requests their information or the data they submitted be removed. When distributing the database for member use, all sensitive data regarding EDI will be excluded and is solely used for monitoring purposes. 

For more information about how the PSA collects and uses personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.