Congratulations to all students who have achieved the required grades to continue their studies at university!

You don’t need to have studied politics at A level to consider taking a politics degree at university, maybe with another subject such as international relations or history. Or you may already be thinking about a politics degree but aren’t yet sure of the path you’d like your future career to take.

Having a politics degree means that future employers will appreciate that you have many transferable skills including communication, constructing coherent arguments and thinking creatively, and you'll finde a wide range of job opportunities open to you.

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4 reasons why you should study politics at university:If you're thinking of studying politics, I explain how a politics degree at university can benefit you, when it comes to things like building skills, and getting jobs. I genuinely believe that my politics degree has helped me a ton, in various ways, and if used properly it could be a fantastic university degree for you”. 

  • Check out our short guide to studying politics at a UK university


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And if you didn’t get the grades you hoped for, we encourage you to both contact your chosen universities to discuss your options, and to check out the wide range of courses available to you through the clearing system.

We wish you all the best in what comes next!